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Product Summary The Classic Lomi is an affordable table that features an adjustable headrest as well as a face port, side arm rests, and a poly-cotton sheet set. It is ideal for students, home users, and practitioners on a budget. The Classic Lomi includes: •Free Adjustable Headrest •Free Face Pillow •Free Hanging Arm Shelf •Free Standard Carrying Case •Free Side Arm Rests •Free Poly-Cotton Sheet Set Product Details Thanks to its low price and free accessories, the Classic Lomi massage table is a good choice for students, new practitioners, and home users on a budget. It comes in a variety of colors to fit your needs. The Classic Lomi comes complete with all the standard accessories you need to start using your table. It also includes a free poly-cotton sheet set. The Classic Lomi is made of high-quality, beech hardwood legs and poplar decking. The Double-Lock Leg Adjusters allow you to raise and lower the height of the table while keeping the table doubly stable and secure. Its padding is comprised of 2" thick, high-density foam and is covered by environmentally and skin friendly PU leather (oil and waterproof) for the comfort of your clients. Made by the Dr. Lomi Lomi company, the Classic Lomi features both an adjustable headrest and a more traditional face port with plug. The 28” wide table comes with standard removable side arm rests to accommodate larger clients. It also features a Shiatsu cable release system to let you fold the legs and work with the table directly on the floor. Features and Benefits •A great value at an affordable price •The 2" thick, high-density foam padding ensures your clients’ comfort •The oil and waterproof PU-leather upholstery is comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly •Shiatsu release cables let you work with the table on the floor •Leg and frame system lets you open and fold your massage table in seconds •Face Port and Plug Colors •Available Color Combinations: Black Upholstery with Natural Legs, and Brown Upholstery with Natural Legs, Tan Upholstery with Natural Legs, Vanilla Upholstery with Natural Legs •Legs Constructed From High-Quality Beech Hardwood Ideal For •Students •New Practitioners •Practitioners on a Budget •Home Users Free Accessories •Free Adjustable Headrest •Free Face Pillow •Free Hanging Arm Shelf •Free Standard Carrying Case •Free Side Arm Rests •Free Poly-Cotton Sheet Set Specifications Classic Lomi Massage Table Width 28" Length 73'' Length with Headrest 83" Adjustable Heights 24" - 35" Weight 32 lbs Static Weight 1,800 lbs Working Weight 500 lbs Padding 2'' High-Density, Small-Cell Foam Upholstery Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU Leather (Oil and Waterproof) Legs and Frame Beech Legs and Polar Decking Systems Face Port and Plug + Adjustable Headrest Double-Lock Leg Adjusters for Life-Long Stability and More Security CLEARANCE!! NO WARRANTY AVAILABLE ON THIS TABLE PKG!!