Arcadia Organic Percale Flat Sheet
Massage Essentials
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60 x 88

Arcadia sheets are made with high-quality 100% organic flannel cotton. Many chemicals in pesticides and herbicides used in cotton farming have long-term negative affects on the environment and even on our skin. Using organic cotton will cause less allergies and irritation to the skin. No man-made chemicals were used to grow the cotton used in these sheets, and was left in its natural unbleached state. By leaving cotton in it's natural state we help cut down on the chemical waste that is that is hurting the world's water supply. Organic unbleached cotton is every bit as soft, durable, and attractive as regular cotton, and at the same time it causes less irritation to those who are sensitive to chemicals not to mention how much better it is for our environment. 100% Organic -Made from GOTS certified organic unbleached cotton. Flannel will shrink 10% when washed 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Massage Sheets Details 100% Organic cotton 4.7 ounce flannel The large flat sheet (60x88 inches) ensures that even your largest customers will stay covered during position changes Preparing your new sheets Wash your sheets in cold water on the gentle cycle. Washing them on gentle is extremely important because this cycle uses less motion causing less friction. Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle (no detergent). Adding vinegar will allow the fiber to expand that makes them soft, helps to preserve the color keeping them from fading and looking dingy over time. *If using a front loading machine, use the extra water setting. Tumble dry on warm or medium heat on a gentle setting or remove sheets from dryer when sheets are slightly damp. Don’t use dryer sheets, this can cause undue friction that causes the flannel to pill over time. Due to many variables in the use and washing of linens, there is NO warranty against staining. Defective workmanship is covered at the discretion of our suppliers and must be reported upon opening of linens.