Pregnancy Bolster System
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Product Summary The Pregnancy Bolster System is designed to position expectant mothers and clients with different needs in the most ergonomically correct way possible for maximum comfort. Whether prone, supine, side-lying or seated, the supple cushions accommodate the special needs of pregnant clients to safely relieve pressure. Product Details Expectant mothers deserve a relaxing massage but getting comfortable and feeling supported on a standard massage table can seem impossible. Accommodate clients of all shapes and sizes with the Pregnancy Bolster System’s unique features to safely and comfortably support prenatal work. With the Pregnancy Bolster System, you can position your clients prone, supine, side-lying, and seated. The bolsters can easily be moved around and adjusted. Your clients’ bodies are supported, allowing their body weight to be distributed to minimize pressure, relax muscles and breathe easier. This set includes seven bolsters to support the face, arms and legs and accommodate the abdomen and breasts, alleviating pressure on the pelvis and supporting tender breast tissue and clients with unilateral mastectomies, implants or broad shoulders, facilitating relaxation and allowing deeper access. When used in the supine position, they encourage passive stretching and promote good body mechanics for the practitioner. Padded with high-density, small-cell CFC-free foam, covered by supple, environmentally and skin-friendly PU leather (oil and waterproof), the Pregnancy Bolster System is durable and easy-to-clean. This set comes with a free Carrying Case for easy storage and transport. Features and Benefits •The supports position expectant mothers and clients with needs in the most ergonomically way possible providing them with maximum comfort and affording you access to more muscle groups with better body mechanics; •Bolsters move and adjust easily to accommodate clients of all shapes and sizes; •Padded with high-density, small-cell CFC-free foam; •Covered by supple, environmentally and skin-friendly PU leather (oil and waterproof). Sizes and Colors •Available Colors: Black, Cream Ideal For •Massage Therapy •Physical Therapy •Chiropractic Therapy •Post-Surgery Therapy •Rehabilitation