Earth & Wood Essential Oil Set
Massage Essentials
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If you�ve been lucky enough to visit any of the seven natural wonders of the world, you probably have an idea of the transformative beauty found in our world. Even if you�ve never floated above the Great Barrier Reef or stood at the edge the Grand Canyon, nature has a way of inspiring all of us. Our Earth & Wood set contains oils that capture the majestic power found only in nature. Breezy and earthy aromas are coupled with remarkable therapeutic properties. �Not only will your set include three oils but it will also include a handy insert to help you make the most of your oil. We want you to be fully informed about all of the dynamic uses. Improve your overall health by taking advantage of the oils� many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Enhance your everyday with these all-natural and entirely pure essential oils. 3) 10 ml of Earth & Wood, Patchouli and White Fir