Cold & Flu Essential Oil Set
Massage Essentials
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Don't allow a nasty fever or congested cough to throw you or loved ones off course. Get ahead of cold and flu season with this set. Every oil in the Cold & Flu set actively boosts the immune system while clearing air passageways and congestion. At the first sign of an itchy, sore throat or running nose, break out the Cold & Flu set. It will help your body rest and usher fast healing. With regular use, the oils in this set can actually help prevent sickness from ever barging in. �Not only will your set include 6 awesome oils but it will also include a handy insert to help you make the most of your blends. We want you to be fully informed about all of the dynamic uses. Improve your overall health by taking advantage of the oils� many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Enhance your everyday with these all-natural and entirely pure synergy blends and essential oils. 6) 10 ml of Digest Ease, Eucalyptus, Fighting Five, Immunity, Respiratory Ease and Sleep Ease