Myo-Ther Advantage DT Cream
Massage Essentials
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Myo-ther Advantage Deep Tissue Cream is a multi-purpose massage lubricant providing exceptional coverage in a thick and creamy formula. Long lasting lubrication with enough slip for effleurage and enough drag for deep tissue work minimizing the need for re-application. The perfect massage product! Characteristics: This super creamy cream, Myo-ther Advantage has a luxurious feel throughout the massage and afterwards. The client leaves your clinic without feeling oily or sticky. Performance: Myo-ther Advantage provides exceptional coverage with unparalleled workability for sports massage and deep tissue work. Odourless: With no added fragrance, Myo-ther Advantage allows you to customize the cream with essential oils as you desire. Hypo-Allergenic: Myo-ther Advantage is hypo-allergenic, ideal for both clients and practitioners with sensitive skin. Clean Up: Myo-ther Advantage wipes off the skin easily leaving it feeling silky smooth. It is removed completely with soap and water. Water Dispersable: It is water-dispersible to minimize staining. Myo-ther Advantage leaves no residue in the sheets (unlike other products with nut and seed oil bases), helping to prevent the buildup of rancid smells and lengthening the useful life of sheets and towels.