Orthopedic Assessment Textbook
Massage Essentials
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This text bridges the gap between academics and practical application. Information sources include: original research articles with cutting-edge information, 1000s of cadaver dissections & decades of evidence based, multidisciplinary clinical experience. We also demo with different sized practitioners to show variation in biomechanics and gender application (5ft/100lbs female vs. 6ft/170lbs male). The book’s size allows for better functional use and cost effectiveness. This text is supported by 1000s of student, clinician & instructor resources, videos, quizzes & patient handouts available on prohealthsys.com (palpation, muscle testing, orthoneuro tests, CE seminars and more). Assessment is therapeutic – your application of skills helps to create a more accurate list of potential pathology, treatment options and relationship of trust and confidence with your patients – this text will help establish you as the expert you are. For students Execute the steps of effective clinical assessment including indications, CIs, DDx, position, contact, biomechanics & kinesiology Chapter quizzes & online testing material Video of ROM, orthopedics & regional exams For instructors Chapter learning objectives and outcome markers Regional quizzes & grading rubrics Follow-up evidence-based orthopedic assessment & orthopathology texts The content, illustrations and layout format are designed to be useful during practice, and in the classroom for procedures, interpretation, clinical notes, ranking, and supportive videos accessible online. This includes current evidence best practices, with over 3500 references. There is even an eye chart, pain scale, rulers, and pupil gauge right on the back cover to use on-the-go. In addition, this text is a valuable study guide for students, practitioners and doctors preparing for National Board Exams, State/Province Board Exams, Clinical Skills Examinations and many other standardized licensure examinations. Over 3500 Illustrations & Images Regional learning objectives and tests Online Video, Image & Text Resources Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed (DC, DO, MD, ND, PhD, PT, RMT, RN) Pocket-Sized & Portable Clear Presentation & Logical Format Saves Time Perfect for Licensure & Board Exam Review A Must-Have for Clinic & General Practice Number of pages: 460, Perfect Bound Note: The Orthopedic Assessment textbook replaces Physical Assessment.