bodyCushion2 Pro System
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The Pro System builds on the versatility of the bodyCushion™, by adding the Adjuster Caddy Set. The extenders, adjusters and wedges of the Adjuster Caddy set provides you with the tools to fine-tune positioning based on the diverse needs of each individual client. Pro System includes: Chest Support Pelvic Support Face Support Split-Leg Support Adjuster Caddy Set Pelvic Support Cotton Cover Chest Support Cotton Cover Split-Leg Support Cotton Covers Face Crescent Cotton Cover 3-Year Vinyl Warranty The bodyCushion supports the body on its bony structures, allowing the body to rest facedown, faceup, side-lying or seated without pressure on sensitive soft tissue areas. Unloading the body is therapeutic in itself, facilitating improved outcomes for all types of applications. The Face, Chest and Pelvic Supports attach to one another via adjustable Velcro straps. If desired, they can be separated by detaching the Velcro� straps. This provides maximum versatility. Offer your clients the softness of 100% Cotton Interlock Elastic-Fitted Covers against their skin for Face, Leg, Chest and Pelvic supports. The Adjuster Caddy Set’s small positioning bolsters and wedges help comfortably position and adjust the angle of the bodyCushion for clients’ specific needs - whether it’s a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy who needs additional height under the pelvis or a patient with acute lower back pain who needs additional spinal decompression. Extenders lengthen the bodyCushion to support longer torsos. Made from advanced materials including durable, supple vinyl that comes with a 3-year warranty. The bodyCushion2 has eco-friendly, durable, comfortable, long-lasting foam that comes with a three-year warranty. bodyCushion available in Blue Adjuster Caddy Set offered in Black only Cotton Covers may be White, Light Blue or Black depending on availability The bodyCushion2 is 2 inches narrower than the Original bodyCushion. Side handles of the Original bodyCushion are not present in the bodyCushion2. A single loop attaches the Face Support to the Chest Support. The bodyCushion2 Split-Leg Support is slightly smaller, and does not have handles or a tether that connects the two halves.