Prone Pregnancy Comfort System
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Product Description Building upon the patented, specificdensity construction of the bodyCushion, the Prone Pregnancy Comfort System is designed specifically to provide optimal support and comfort for pregnant women when lying in the face down position. The Prone Pregnancy Comfort System Chest Support features a modified breastProtector design, offering the utmost comfort during pregnancy. Additionally, the Pelvic Support has been significantly built up (approximately 5 inches higher than the original bodyCushion Pelvic Support) to provide more recessed space in the abdomen and rib cage area with an adjustable piece to better accommodate the growing pregnant belly. The Prone Pregnancy Comfort System is made from incredibly soft, supple vinyl and the entire unit is connected for easy moving and no misplaced pieces. The Prone Pregnancy Comfort System includes two specially made cotton cover sets to assist in cradling the belly and breasts for additional comfort and support. Made in USA.